NIgMex has an acessable range of prices regarding vacational tours, expeditions and accomodation in México. We send over a hundred passangers a year!

We provide Mexico Immigration services to match your Mexican Immigration needs.

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NigMex® Travel is an impeccable Mexican Immigration Visa solution Entity. The Mexican Federal and provincial governments are constantly updating their programs to ensure successful programing both for newcomers and for the Mexican republic as a whole. The board of administration: Vanessa Machebe. Ifedoro, Mrs. Caroline Moubabye, Jesus Espinoza and Lic. Deborah Garcia Guitierrez with the NigMex Law firm can help you determine your best options for Mexico Immigration.

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We provide students with competitive English or Spanish school choices, Airfares and accomodations.


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We distribute over 200 exploration  and adventurous sites and business opportunities.


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Insurance coverage is an additional service offered for trip, baggage, medical and accident protection as well as providing 24-hour worldwide emergency assistance by it’s correspondence.


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With our exclusive partnership visa. SEG México, NigMex Travel customers now have access to timely have services at affordable rates

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We provide genuine and adequate information FREE on visa processing with possible options. We Promoting Tourism, Render Advice, Travel, Educational and Business plan Opportunities.

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We are offering some free services concerning travelling and accommodation plans.


We constantly create opportunities for travelers and migrants to make the most of their time.

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NIGMEX was founded in 2012 and has over the years gathered experience in the field of immigration.

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Our guides are based on years of experience, we take pride in what we do and ensure 100% success.

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We have partnered with top travel and immigration agencies in Mexico, we are deeply rooted.


We believe in creating a difference, we connect globally sharing experinces and other future opportunities.

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We have partnered with top travel and immigration agencies, hostels and resorts, airlines and educational institutions to provide better and easy opportunities for our clients.

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NigMex has an acessible range of prices regarding vacational tours, expeditions and accomodaton in México.